Welcome to the first hologram social media network. There are many sites that provide video and audio as their centerpiece for communicating. This cutting edge community was designed specifically for holograms. Join the network, create your page to share your own hologram videos and view other members’ videos. Don’t miss out, connect with a hologram specialist to push forward into the future with your own hologram that you can utilize to expand your global reach.


Q. How do I get a hologram?

A. You can attend any virtual cast network event OR contact us for a hologram specialist to reach out to you. To contact a specialist please start here.


Q. How to upload?

A. Once you receive you Hologram you can log into your account page and click the Add Hologram button. You may also upload and share via Youtube, Vimeo or any service that allows you to embed a video. If you have signed up and are ready to upload click here. If you have not created an account please start here

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